With Bi Axial Rotomoulding Machine, India Roto Plast increases capacity up to 20,000 litres

2022-09-10 14:38:20 By : Ms. Penny Peng

With a modern Roto Moulding bi axial machine and a variety of ancillary equipment including Pulverizer, Extruder, Scrap Grinder, Mixer, Plastic Cutter, the firm has produced many machines till date of large hollow products which are fuel efficient since the beginning of the year. Despite being very flexible, rotational moulding is a rather simple process. Even the team has been expanded to aid with the company's growth.

"India Roto Plast continues to invest in sheet metal, machining and die casting mould equipment's to support the industry transition into plastic by using pure virgin LLDPE polymer raw material and marks continued growth in the manufacturing and the service market," said Founder Pavan Vyas.

"I'm extremely proud of the India Roto Plast team for their hard work and dedication to support this expansion. It takes hundreds of individuals focused on the customer and great quality when it comes to growing operations and meeting customer demands, and the India Roto Plast team is one of the best. India Roto Plast has more capacity expansion planned by the end of this year and into 2025 in anticipation of ongoing growth," Added Pavan Vyas.

Operating out of Ahmedabad's industrial zone, India Roto Plast provides bi-axial roto moulding machines with a variety of capabilities to its plastic moulders in Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Mauritius, Somalia, Cameron, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Saudi Arabia, Fiji, Dubai, Algeria, Yemen and Bangladesh.

Rotational moulding is a highly efficient moulding technique that enables producers to build incredibly durable items with the fewest possible design restrictions as well as to produce them at comparably cheap prices and in an ecologically responsible way. Large goods may also be produced inexpensively and with little material waste.

In addition to this, Rock N Roll Roto Mould and Shuttle Machine Moulding, offers automated assembly and other post-moulding secondary services in the domestic as well as foreign market for several plastic applications. Moreover, this technique allows for the moulding of varied plastic product combined on a single machine.

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